Hi! I’m Layna! *waves like a dork*

Thank you so much for stopping by my page!

I am wife to a cop turned accountant, and mama to two amazing kiddos that I can’t believe are mine!

Lover of Christ. Wife. Mama. Friend. Coffee all day. Wine all night. Chill. Over thinker. Sarcasm connoisseur. Music forever. Photographer of life.

Ezra is 3, and Eizley is 2. They are ten months apart and are a total handful on a daily basis. It’s a blissful kind of crazy at my house! We will also be welcoming our second daughter in January, little Azalea Rae, and we just can’t wait to meet her!

I sort of fell into photography through working with my mom and am mainly self-taught. I am a firm believer in capturing memories through photographs and it’s been such an honor to do that for so many of my incredible clients. I’m blessed to say that I walk away with true friendships after my sessions and that makes my job so awesome. (I wish I had some sort of inspiring quote about photography being the window to the soul or something to put right here… wait, no I don’t, I sort of loathe inspirational quotes actually)

Though it may seem that everyone with a smart phone claims to be a photographer these days, I hope you find something here that you connect with, and the art I’m creating evokes some emotion in you.

I still can’t believe I am living out my dream… home, husband, children, and a job I actually love.  Thank you for being a part of that!