Here’s some things you can expect to walk into when you book a session with me:

Some posing (I’ll help you don’t worry)–but mostly, my style is more non-posey. My goal is to guide you into the most genuine and flattering positions and then capture the real interactions that happen there.

Lots of chatting and interaction before your session! Whether that be online or texting, I want to get to know you! We can talk about outfit ideas, locations, personality traits, everything! I want to ensure you are getting a whole experience from our time together and really create some memories.

Sarcastic jokes. It’s how i roll…and i can take it right back! I pride myself on stress-free photography sessions that hopefully make you walk away having had a relaxing and fun time!

Minimal props. I have found that less is more and the classics are always in style. It’s safe to assume i will show up with my camera, a blanket, and maybe a coffee in hand but that’s about it!

What to Expect?

I’m a very relaxed and real person who (I’ve been told anyway) is easy to work with. If you have any specific ideas or poses you want to do, great! We can chat about your ideas! Otherwise i will be focusing on connection and i want these images to make you feel something.

My goal is for you to look at your photos and remember that your laugh was a real one, and the time we spent capturing these memories was genuine and fun, and for the product to be something you treasure for a lifetime.